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Newborn Information






It is a time in your life and theirs you will want to remember and document to have

for the rest of your life.

They will never be that tiny again, within a few weeks after birth they are already a different baby.

More awake, full cheeks and not being that 'brand new baby' that we remember in those

first few days. That brand new baby is what I want to capture for you!


My goal is to capture fine art portraits of your newborn. within 10 days after birth we will schedule

your session at my studio. there I will take up to 3 hours to capture that new life. I make sure

that the session is enjoyable for all (baby included!). I do everything for baby until they

need to nurse. I will rock , snuggle and change diapers for you. I want this to something you

look back on many years from now with happiness! I follow babys signals and if they need to

eat we stop, if they need to just be rocked I will do that too and in between those things I

capture your baby just as they are.

I photograph newborn in their "birthday suits" but use many hats, wraps and blankets to add

to the session. I also provide many props and baskets to choose from as well. I also love

to capture any siblings with the new baby and have the parents join in for some portraits as



I guarantee that I will walk away with gorgeous portraits of your new baby. I focus on the

smallest of details and posing. I find this gives the images a more 'finished' look and makes

for the baby to look much more relaxed and peaceful as well. It is a challenge to pose newborns

like I do but I do make sure they are comfortable and safe the entire time. I don't

do elaborate props or setups but instead use small props and hats that add to the image

and keep the focus on baby. I want you to walk away with these images knowing you

are also taking home a piece of art to hang on your walls for many years , along with a memory

captured that is priceless.


The newborn stage isn't something that can be redone and that is why I strive to provide

high quality portraits of your baby. Working with newborns is my passion

and I believe it shows through in my images.


It is easy to get on my schedule! All you do is contact me with your due date and then we stay

in close contact and then (many times while you are still in the hosptial after birth) we communicate

about a date the following week for the session. Parents are welcome to bring anything special

they would like to have in the images as well. Otherwise I provide everything you see and

I will also try to use colors that may be in the nursery if you wish! I truly try to make it customized

to fit your needs and wishes throughout the session!


Call or email today if you are interested! I would love to talk to you and answer any other questions you may have! I love my job and I would love to meet you and your little one :)


Terra Herring

785 554 1650